Brian at performance zone is my super hero!!

My feet had been killing me for months, pain and burning in the soles of my feet. One visit to Brian to get orthotics made and my feet were better within hours!! He explained everything and offered suggestions to speed the healing of my "angry" feet. His reputation is known all over , everyone kept saying" you need to go to that Brian guy."

He is very professional and proof of his expertise is all over his office where there are pictures of Pistons , Spartans , famous hockey players and many other sports figures who were helped by Brian. Staff is very professional and friendly... you will be so glad you found him.

Susan G, Birmingham:

After visiting two orthopedic surgeons for considerable pain on top of my left foot and wasting money on three pairs of "cheap" orthotics, I decided to try Performance Zone. The Dr.s were ready to give me cortisone shots or surgery for the arthritis in my feet. With some degree of doubt, I went to see Brian at Performance Zone. In about an hour, I left with a pair of orthotics made specifically for me. The results were amazing! I have not had pain in my feet since wearing them, and I play a lot of tennis. This probably sounds like an advertisement but it's not. This place is the real deal!!

Lee G, Clarkston:

I've been going to Performance Zone since I was 11 years old growing up in Michigan. Brian has helped me thru my injuries and has been a positive impact on my sports career. I am now 19 and playing D1 basketball at Princeton University. I can't thank Brian enough for his compassion and effort in helping me be the best that I can be.

Sebastian M, New Jersey:

Performance Zone is exceptional!! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone who cares about restoring normal foot function. Brian goes above and beyond for his patients and is easy to get in with. Thank you again Brian for all your help!!!

Rebecca D, Laguna Niguel, CA:

"I came to Brian Graham for orthotics because of chronic knee trouble. Since using them, I have not had any issues with my knee. I had doubts because I no longer have any cartilage left in that part of my knee. It has been amazing to me to say the least!"

Steve Javie: NBA Referee


"I was introduced to Brian many years ago. Since then, I've referred 100's of professional and amateur athletes. I have nothing but great things about both him and the entire process. Brian is steps ahead with not only his knowledge base but the complete package. He is able to relate and communicate at all levels. Clients leave feeling important. They leave with a complete understanding of why proper orthotics and footwear are vital to the performance and healing process! He will address everything from shoes, socks, braces and of course, orthotics. But beyond that, he has a truly deep of the entire kinetic chain. He helped extend the career of numerous athletes. All of the pro athletes, referees and former athletes raved at his ability and knowledge base! There is a reason his walls are covered with the many he has worked with. "

Arnie Kander: Head Athletic Trainer, Detroit Pistons (formerly) Director of Sports Medicine, Minnesota Timberwolves


"I have used Brian Graham and Performance Zone for many years with great success. Not only have my NBA and NFL clients benefited tremendously from his expertise and service, several of my family members have as well. His attention to detail and commitment to his patients is unsurpassed in my opinion. He has a true understanding of the complex issues facing elite athletes. Whether it's an orthotic or shoe problem, Brian always seems to be able to find the right solution!"

Mark Bartelstein: Founder & CEO (Priority Sports & Entertainment)

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"Brian Graham has provided me personally with tremendous service regarding my orthotics challenges. I would highly recommend him as he has helped improve my knee issues."

Dan Hauser: Senior Vice President of Corporate Sponsorships (Philadelphia 76ers)

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"Performance Zone is one of the only places I know where athletes can get quality orthotics, fore/aft balancing and accurate stance evaluations. I have several pair of orthotics from Brian that I wear on a daily basis. I would highly recommend his services to anyone."

Warren Witherell: Author "The Athletic Skier" and " How the Racers Ski" Founder, Burke Mountain Ski Academy

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"Brian Graham and the staff at Performance Zone have made my job as a professional golfer much easier. I've tried many different orthotics over the years and none have made my high arch (cavus) feet feel better after a long day of walking the course. They not only improved my comfort, they also improved my balance. Thanks Brian!"

Tom Gillis: PGA Tour Player

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Hello Brian, Pamela and Christian,

I LOVE my orthotics. I plan to come in and have them refurbished this summer. I live in Switzerland but I will be in Detroit visiting my family this August. I am also interested in getting a second set of orthotics made. I just told my husband that we will be stopping at Performance Zone during our vacation. My siblings also have orthotics made by you and we are all happy with them.

Alexandra C.

Alexandria C: Traveling fro Switzerland

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