For Healthcare Professionals

At Performance Zone, our commitment to both you and your patients is our number one priority. We guarantee that your patients will receive the finest care available. We understand the changing realities of healthcare. Many practitioners are now pressured to see more patients per hour. Due to the internet, patients have more access to a variety of medical information. They may have multiple questions regarding diagnosis or treatment plans. In short, they expect to share and receive more information during their visit. Unfortunately, those dynamics can put even greater pressure on both patient and physician. At the end of the day, everyone desires a simple and cost-effective solution to their pain. That is where Performance Zone comes in.

Don't refer your patients to a cold and impersonal O&P facility where they will be frustrated by the long waits and other barriers to quality care. At Performance Zone, they will not be treated like a number or subjected to excessive wait times. We only book 1 custom evaluation per hour. OTC and follow ups are booked on the half hour. During that time, all questions are addressed. We explain the diagnosis and treatment plan. The patient’s feet are then digitally scanned and transferred to the mill. During that time, the patient’s footwear, size and activities are discussed. If needed, we provide proper footwear. They are also detailed on proper break-in protocol. Should there be an issue, they may return 2 times at no charge for adjustments or modifications.

Whether you are treating a world class athlete with a stress fracture, or an active child with heel pain...WE HAVE THE SOLUTION. Let us give you peace of mind knowing that your patients will have nothing less than a positive experience. Lastly, our high degree of efficiency allows us to see your patients in a timely manner. In some cases, they can be seen the same day you refer them. Please feel free to call and discuss your most challenging cases. Make Performance Zone your preferred provider. See why we are one of the leading pedorthic facilities in America.