In addition to custom fitting and manufacturing orthotics for The Detroit Pistons...

"Performance Zone is one of the only places I know where athletes can get quality orthotics, fore/aft balancing and accurate stance evaluations. I have several pair of orthotics from Brian that I wear on a daily basis. I would highly recommend his services to anyone."

Warren Witherell
Author "The Athletic Skier"
and " How the Racers Ski"
Founder, Burke Mountain Ski Academy

"Mr. Graham is the finest Pedorthist I have ever worked with. he understands many of the most complicated bio mechanical principals of the foot and ankle. My patients have expressed a very high satisfaction rate with his care."

Arthur Manoli, II, MD
Director, Fellowship Director
Michigan International Foot and Ankle Center

"I came to Brian Graham for orthotics because of chronic knee trouble. Since using them, I have not had any issues with my knee. I had doubts because I no longer have any cartilage left in that part of of my knee. It has been amazing to me to say the least !"

Steve Javie
NBA Referee

"Brian Graham's orthotics have met or exceeded the expectation of both the patients and clinicians in this office. He has consistently been able to pinpoint and correct challenging gait dysfunctions. He also has a uniquely helpful perspective and strategy for correcting abnormalities of the cavus foot. His orthotics are an integral 'support' for many of our challenging cases."

Robert P. Radtke, D.C.

"Brian Graham and the staff at Performance Zone have made my job as a professional golfer much easier. I've tried many different orthotics over the years and none have made my high arch (cavus) feet feel better after a long day of walking the course. They not only improved my comfort, they also improved my balance. Thanks Brian!"

Tom Gillis
PGA Tour Player

"Just a quick update to let you know that I am doing very well in the orthotics. I still have a little discomfort near the ball of the foot when I wear them all day but I am doing so much better than even a few weeks ago when I wrote to you.

I haven't yet had a chance to try another sneaker or hiking shoe. I will work on that over Labor Day and see if it makes a difference. In the meantime though my right foot feels greatly improved. I am able to walk for miles and even jog a little (my lungs give out before my foot!). This is huge progress considering I couldn't do anything for more than a year.

I can't thank you enough for really knowing your stuff and fixing me up. I think the world of you and Dr. Manoli. I'll send another update in September and might make another trip out there for a follow-up visit."

Maura P.
A Satisfied Patient from Washington D.C.

"Until I was recommended to try Performance Zone, my high arch foot pain went undiagnosed and misdiagnosed for months on end. I nearly gave up hope that someone was going to be able to tell me what was wrong with my foot but since I've been to Performance Zone and have been wearing your orthotics, my foot pain has all but disappeared and I'm even back to running comfortably. I can't thank you enough for the help."

Peggy Abood
A Satisfied Patient from Chicago

"Had a successful run of 10 miles yesterday with NO blisters! And better yet, my heel is feeling unbelievably better. I never would have that little of a difference would have changed things, but it's working! It will probably take a while since the pain has been there over a year, but it's almost unnoticeable now in comparison. I can't thank you enough!"

Farra. R
Another Satisfied Patient

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